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Why the site was created

If you ever follow the major international events in sports like tennis, pickleball, padel tennis, squash, table tennis, snooker, etc. you'll be familiar with how a knockout draw works. Well, in order to publish and manage these draws on a website, you need a relatively complex interface, especially if you'd like the draw to be usable on a mobile device.

While major international events can develop these features for their websites, most clubs don't have the resources, so their only option is to publish the final result, or add a PDF or spreadsheet to their website. Failing that, clubs default to Plan B: pin it to the noticeboard, a real pain in the proverbial if you’re at home or work and want to find out who you’re down to play in the next round!

Easy peasy, cool, slick looking knockout draws

  • Club Championships can be personalised and easily linked to your website providing a slick, polished and professional look.
  • Extremely easy to create new draws, update and archive.
  • Allows members to quickly view tournament progress online, see who’s through to the next round along with score result.
  • Automatically resizes for viewing on a tablet or mobile device.

Try it for free!

Try your first knockout tournament for free. If you like it, the cost is £79 per year regardless of the number of tournaments you run. Click clubchampionships.org to register your club and start using the site immediately.

Where do we get support?

We've tried to make the site as simple to use as possible, so if you roll up your sleeves and play around, you probably won't need much help. If you need help or have a question try the video help or email.

New features?

If you have any requests please let us know. Developments in the pipeline will include upload of club logo, honours boards, and an app version.